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United Nilgiri Tea Estates
  • United Nilgiris Tea Estates Co. Ltd.. (ISO approved)

Estates: Chamraj, Korkundah (Organic), Allada Valley,              Devabetta

Korakundah Estate is surrounded by forrest (approx. 8km width),

Korakundah Estate ist umringt von Wald (ca. 8km breite)

Location: 1'800 - 2'600 mtrs above MSL, Nilgiris, S. India

Black Teas Processed: Orthodox, Organic, CTCs, decafinated,

Green Teas Processed:Orthodox, Organic

(Light liquoring high grown quality teas)

Factories: Chamraj, Korakundah, Koderi

Several Greenhouses have been installed in which organic Chamomille and organic Mint are cultivated

Mehrer Gewächshäuser wurden errichtet, in denen Kamille und Mint angebaut werden.

A Hydroelectrical Powerplant at Korakundah Estate has been installed, providing electricity for the factory.

Korakundah Estate ist "Selbtsversorger" in Bezug auf Elektrizität, da diese vom Firmeneigenen Wasserkraftwerk bezogen wird.


Article on Korakundah from "Contemporary Tea Magazine" Aug'2008
View on Korakundah Organic Tea Estate

View on Korakundah Organic Tea Estate



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