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Please fill out the below form and sumbit your comments to us. Let us know how we can assist your further:

Bitte teilen Sie uns Ihre Meinung über unsere Website, unsere Produkte, unsere Organisation mit. Wir freuen uns über

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Black Teas (Non-Organic)
Green Teas (Non-Organic)
Black Teas (Organic - IMO Certified)
Green Teas (Organic - IMO Certified)
Neem Based Finished Products
Neem Rawmaterials
Noni-Juice (Morinda Citrifolia)
Shells/ Inletthüllen
Bedsets + Comforters/ Bettwäsche-Garnituren + Daunendecken
Truckparts, LKW Zubehör

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Privacy Policy Statement (English)

Thank you for visiting our Web site.

We are continually trying to improve our web site so that it is more useful to you. To accomplish this task, we do ask you for your opinion on i.e. the design ...

We do not store any data submitted to us and will only reply (via eMail) to the above.

We do not share or sell your telephone numbers to other companies and do not send any periodicals to you.

We welcome all your comments regarding our privacy statement or any other ideas you have about our web site and company.

Thank you,

Raoul M. Bedi

P.N.: Some "bright" guys/ companies are sending out eMails, inviting to visit some "Sex-Sites" or some other rubbish, using some name eMail-number followed by one of our Domainnames i.e. fakename@OURDOMAIN.DE/COM/NET/ORG. Please do not send us any nasty eMails, we do not send out any unwanted rubbish. Only thing we can do, is to suggest, you delete these eMails or better get them filtered and rejected (please study the manual that came with your eMail-software).

Please remember; if you contact us by eMail DO NOT SEND unwanted ATTACHEMENTS, these will be rejected automatically and the sender will be filtered and rejected for future.

Please remember; do not send SPAM or other "nasty eMail" that "eMail has been undelivered due to Virus or some other junk"; these will be rejected automatically and filtered for future. (this concerns also to "some bright companies" which SPAM us, informing that we have subscribed to XYZ-Newsletter) - ALL UNWANTED HTML-Mails will be treated as SPAM and rejected.

We can not receive any eMails sent via AOL, YAHOO, HOTMAIL..., our firewall assumes this is SPAM. Please send us a fax.

At last - all eMails which have been automatically rejected because of the above points - their senders IP-addresses will be sent automatically to the concerned authority.

Regret; we also want our privacy ;-)

I. CHUM for R.M.Bedi

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