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 Tee/ Tea (black/ green) Teefirmen, deren Plantagen in Süd-Indien (Nilgiris)

Tee-Companies and various estates (South-India, Nilgiris)

  • Orthodox Tea
  • Organic Tea IMO Certified
  • Decafinated Black Tea
  • CTCs
  • Darjeeling Type Teas

Teas have been awarded various certificates:

IMO, NOP, UTZ, ETP, Rainforest ...- please check out the pages of the various teacompanies to download your copy

Companies have achieved ISO certificates

Stanes Amalgamated Estates Ltd. (SAE)

Southern Tree Farms (STF)

United Nilgiri Tea Estates Co. Ltd. (UNTE)

Stanes MJF (teapacking loose + teabags, teeverpackung lose + in teebeutel)

(most factories ISO 9002 approved - see details)

Pflanzenschutz/ Plant protection:

Pestizid aus Auszügen des Neem-Baumes. Bodenverbesserer auf Neem Basis

Neem based botanical pesticide. Neem Based Bio-Fertilizers

(biologisch abbaubar/ bio-degradable)



Extract from Chamraj / Korakundah Catalogue

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