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Agro-Inputs by T.Stanes We, at T. Stanes and Company Ltd., feel a strong sense of responsibility to safeguard our earth and the environment. This has spurred us to intensify research and create agro inputs that are biodegradable, ecofriendly, safe to use, protect the crop and the yield. Exactly why we are called - FRIENDS OF THE EARTH.

Bio-Pesticide EPA approved

Bio Insecticide EPA approved / Bio-Pestizid

It is a totally natural neem- oil based product with Azadirachtin as the labelled ingredient which acts as an insect repellant and antifeedant , and insect growth disruptor. Dosageinfo for Greenhouses Nimbecidine.pdf

Download Info on Nimbecidine
Packaging : Available in 1 litre, 500ml, 200ml 100ml

USA: EPA Registration Number: 70387-1 dated 28.July.1999

Soon available in EC - Countries / EG-Zulassung beantragt

helivax + Spodovax

Helivax + Spodovax Helivax It is a concentate suspension of Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus for the control of Helicoverpa armigera in cotton, tomato, sunflower, pulses, groundnut, and sorghum.
Spodovax is a specific viral pesticide effective against Spodoptera litura which causes maximum damage in tobacco, pulses, sorghum, castor, okra, cotton and sunflower.
The virus enters the body of the larva during feeding and multiplies in the fat bodies, resulting in reduced feeding,softening of the body and the development of a pinkish-white surface on the central side, followed by death.
Packaging : Available in 50 ml vials, 100ml glass bottles.

Bio cure-B and Bio-cure F

BioCure-B Bio-cure B is a cream based bacterial product containing the bacterium Pseudomonas fluorescens which is effective in the control of wilt and root rot diseases of chick pea, groundnut, cotton, banana, soybean and tomato. It controls rice blast and sheath blight in paddy.
BioCure-F Bio cure-F is a talc based product containing the fungus Trichoderma sp. which effectively controls root rot diseases of chick pea, urd bean, groundnut, sunflower, sesamum, sugar cane and cotton.
Packaging : In 200 g and 1 kg

Symbion - Biofertilizers

Symbion - Biofertilizer Biofertilizers are carrier based microbial innoculants containing selected strains of viable microorganisms with the ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen or to solubilise plant nutrients like phosphates, copper, and iron and thus render them available to crops.
Packaging : 200 g, 250 g and 1 kg


U-Coate U-Coate is a ready-made mixture formulation which facilitates the easy coating of urea. It prevents the loss of nitrogen by leaching as it forms a fine coating over the urea and DAP granules. U-coate slows down the nitrification procoss by curbing the activity of nitrifying bacteria by nitrosomonas and nitrobacter.
This ensures a slow and continuous availability of nitrogen to crops during the critical stages of plant growth.


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